Anne Hathaway Revealed A Huge Secret About Her ‘Devil Wears Prada’ Role

Anne Hathaway has shocked fans with a big secret about her The Devil Wears Prada role of Andy Sachs.

The 38-year-old actress was a special guest on RuPaul’s Drag Race and gave out some advice to the queens who were tasked with performing in a themed musical challenge.

Some of the queens asked Anne about her roles in Les Miserables and gave some tips on performing in a musical.

“Just, like, don’t sneeze,” Anne joked with them, and added, “I don’t know — make as much noise as you can before you go.”

Then another asked her if there were any roles she had to “fight tooth and nail for” and that’s when she spilled the secret.

“I will give you some tea: I was the ninth choice for Devil Wears Prada,” Anne revealed. “But I got it! Hang in there, never give up.”

It’s known that Rachel McAdams was actually the first choice for the role, but turned it down. Juliette Lewis and Claire Danes were also considered for the part.

After hearing the secret, fans reacted to the news on social media with more questions of how that could happen.

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Updated: February 20, 2021 — 10:28 am

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