Halle Berry Dishes On Her First Ever Kiss & It Was With This Surprising Person

Halle Berry is opening up about her first ever kiss and revealed that it was with a girl!

In an episode of her new Instagram Live show Bad & Booshy, the 54-year-old actress revealed that her first kiss with the girl came when she asked her best friend to show her how to French kiss.

“My first kiss…was a girl, cause I had this boyfriend named LaShawn Boyd and I wanted to French kiss him,” Halle recalled. “But I didn’t know how to French kiss, so I got my best girlfriend at the time to show me how to French kiss, so I could French kiss him.”

“So she came over to my house and kissed me for like 30 minutes,” she says.

Halle went on, “Literally showed me how to French kiss a boy. And then the next night, I went and French kissed LaShawn Boyd.”

Other celebs have revealed their worst on-screen kisses throughout the years and there are a lot of A-listers!

Halle is currently linked to musician Van Hunt and she just shared a cute video of them dancing together.

Updated: February 22, 2021 — 7:11 pm

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