‘Bridgerton’ Was Not the Most Streamed Show of January 2021, Surprising New Data Reveals!

Some surprising new data has been revealed about the most-streamed titles of January 2021.

The month had some big name movies and TV shows that had viewers streaming often.

Bridgerton was released on Christmas, 2020, and was thought to be the biggest hit of the last few weeks. In fact, Netflix actually crowned the show the most-popular ever on the streaming service!

But, there’s another show that actually has proven to be even more popular than Bridgerton, and we’re betting you may have forgotten about this steep competition!

Click through the slideshow to see the breakdown of the 10 most watched movies and television shows of January 2021 to see what edged out Bridgerton as the most popular….

Updated: February 25, 2021 — 8:15 pm

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