Steve Harvey Hilariously Reacts to Michael B. Jordan’s Extravagant Valentine’s Date for Daughter Lori Harvey

Steve Harvey‘s step-daughter Lori Harvey is currently dating Michael B. Jordan and the comedian had some funny things to say about their relationship!

The 64-year-old Family Feud host made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night (February 25) and talked about his daughter dating People‘s Sexiest Man Alive.

“First of all, let’s be clear about something. He is a nice guy,” Steve said. “He is not the sexiest man alive to me. At all.”

Jimmy asked what Steve thought about the extravagant Valentine’s Day date that Michael organized, in which he rented out an entire aquarium and had a candlelit dinner in the underwater tunnels.

“Yeah, well good luck homie ’cause Valentine’s come every year,” Steve hilariously joked. “So I don’t know if you know how this works or not, but I don’t know how you gonna top that, but good look partner.”

Steve added, “It was really nice what he did, I’m happy for him. He’s a great guy. I met his father and everything but that was a lot, I don’t know where he’s going from here so hopefully maybe he’ll make Creed 4, 5 and 6.”

Jimmy asked Steve if he wanted his daughters’ suitors to read his relationship advice books. He responded by saying, “I think it’s better if my daughters would read the damn book. That would be the smarter move. Look man, when your kids grow up they can make decisions on their own. I’m just happy that I can at least approve of one.”

Updated: February 26, 2021 — 7:24 pm

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