Rupert Grint Reveals Why He Spoke Out In Support of the Transgender Community After JK Rowling’s Comments

Rupert Grint is opening up about his comments following JK Rowling‘s own comments towards the transgender community.

During an interview with Esquire, the 32-year-old actor revealed why he felt he was called to say something instead of remaining silent.

“I am hugely grateful [for] everything that she’s done. I think that she’s extremely talented, and I mean, clearly, her works are genius,” he first says. “But yeah, I think also you can have huge respect for someone and still disagree with things like that.”

Rupert added that not saying anything wasn’t an option for him.

“Sometimes silence is even louder,” he admits. “I felt like I had to because I think it was important to. I mean, I don’t want to talk about all that…Generally, I’m not an authority on the subject,” he collects himself again. “Just out of kindness, and just respecting people. I think it’s a valuable group that I think needs standing up for.”

Rupert was one of the many Harry Potter stars who did speak out following her comments, joining Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, and just recently, Ralph Fiennes, who played Voldemort in the franchise.

Updated: March 20, 2021 — 11:13 am

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