Zack Snyder Confirms He Had Plans For Atom Spinoff Movie With Zheng Kai

Zack Snyder has revealed that there was a plan to give Atom a spinoff movie.

The Justice League Snyder Cut director spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the idea he had and pitched to Warner Bros., and why it didn’t ultimately happen.

Ryan Choi, known as Atom, is played by Zheng Kai and all of his scenes in the original Justice League were actually cut. However, the scenes were recovered for the Snyder Cut.

“I had been pitching Warners to do an Atom movie with him in China, like a Chinese-cast superhero movie. That was my goal,” Zack revealed, as the end credits of the movie reveal that Ryan is an expert on nanotechnology.

With his scenes cut from the original movie, it’s thought that the studio wasn’t a fan of giving his character his own spinoff from the Justice League movie.

However, it’s not something that Zack has confirmed.

Zack has revealed the truth behind this one iconic line in the movie.

If you didn’t see, find out why the movie is presented in 4:3 format.

Updated: March 20, 2021 — 1:16 pm

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