Charlie Puth Puts Body Shamers On Blast After Going Shirtless Last Week Following A Workout

Charlie Puth has no time for negativity in his life and put some haters on blast after they called him unfit.

Last week, the -year-old musician was spotted out shirtless after a workout in Santa Monica, Calif.

After seeing the photographs, many people made comments about his physique online and Charlie isn’t here for it.

His call out follows a 2019 incident when Charlie put an advertisement on blast which targeted teens and claimed they could instantly contour their face or body for the perfect social media post.

“Embrace your individuality!!” he continued. “You are ONE of ONE and beautiful!! I understand if you wanna photoshop a pimple out or something…but to make yourself look not like a human is beyond me. Very sad :(.”

In December, Charlie was also seen shirtless while soaking up some warm weather with some friends by a pool.

Updated: March 22, 2021 — 9:06 pm

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