Sara Gilbert Spills Details On Her First Kiss With A Girl

Sara Gilbert just revealed who was her first girl kiss – Drew Barrymore!

The 46-year-old The Conners actress was a guest on Drew‘s talk show and together, the two reminisced on the kiss they shared when they were teens.

“My first girl kiss was with Drew,” Sara shared. “And now I’m not one to kiss and tell but I have to say, look now I’m like going to blush, Drew was the coolest person I ever met and yeah that’s what happened.”

Drew then recalled that they “were supposed to kiss in the movie and then we started practicing in the trailer which was kind of fun…We were like, ‘Oh I guess we should practice because we wanted it to look good on screen.’ We had so much fun.”

“I remember, I feel like it was in the parking lot in Los Feliz, right? I feel like we had that little basecamp. I drove that jeep and I used to go get like ice cream on lunch breaks and I was constantly getting into accidents. I think I got my license taken away on that movie,” Drew added.

The movie was 1992′s Poison Ivy, which centered on a seductive teen who befriends an introverted high school student and schemes her way into the lives of her wealthy family.

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Updated: March 24, 2021 — 11:14 pm

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