Kelley Wentworth Reveals What She Wishes She Would Have Known Before Going on ‘Survivor’

Kelley Wentworth is getting honest about her experience on Survivor.

The 34-year-old player, who was a contestant on Survivor: San Juan del Sur, Survivor: Cambodia and Survivor: Edge of Extinction, revealed what she wished she had known before signing up for the long-running reality TV series.

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“I wish I would have known that they have a full-on wardrobe department, and that I would be submitting different clothes to be chosen for me to wear on the show. I wish I had known that if I submitted jean shorts, they would of course pick jean shorts because I was labeled ‘the farmer’s daughter’ and farmers only wear jean shorts,” she explained.

“I would then also in any returning seasons have to wear the jean shorts so that people would recognize me. Had I known all of this, I wouldn’t have submitted jean shorts, because they’re not a very good material,” she continued.

“They don’t hold water well – they do actually hold water well. They don’t keep you warm, and they don’t protect against bugs.”

Her video has already received over 2 million views, and over 350,000 likes.

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Updated: March 26, 2021 — 3:39 pm

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