Judge Judy Drops Her Countersuit Against Talent Agent Richard Lawrence & Rebel Entertainment Partners

Judy Sheindlin, aka Judge Judy, has dropped her lawsuit against Rebel Entertainment Partners.

Deadline reports that the 78-year-old reality star has dropped her case to keep network CBS out of the legal battle.

In a statement, Judy and her reps said that “we decline to file an amended complaint as Mr. Lawrence has insisted that I join Big Ticket (CBS) as a defendant.”

“The court has declined to rule that CBS is not a necessary party. Mr. Lawrence is the culprit in this fiasco of a packaging deal which has netted him $22 million,” Judy added. “CBS inherited this deal. I have been in business with CBS for 20 years. I’m not suing them when they are not the wrongdoer. Sometimes justice gets lost in the weeds of legalese gobbledygook. This is one of those times. Sad.”

The countersuit Judy filed was against talent agent Richard Lawrence and his Rebel Entertainment Partners, after they first filed one towards her and CBS, for more than $5 million over a seemingly sleight-of-hand $95 million sale of the show’s rich library.

“Judy maliciously prosecuted this case,” lawyer Bryan Freedman said about the suit. “She knew all too well that her claims were unsupportable even prior to the court ruling against her. It’s about time she ran away from her misguided, implausible, unconscionable, specious and unwarranted lawsuit against Richard Lawrence.”

Judge Judy is set to end on CBS after a 25th season, but she has a brand new one coming!

Updated: March 27, 2021 — 11:32 am

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