Kyle Chandler’s Total Word Count in ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ Revealed & It’s Barely Anything

Kyle Chandler is part of the Godzilla vs. Kong cast, but you’re not going to see that much of him in the movie.

A new investigation from Vulture discovered that the actor barely says any words at all throughout the movie and he only appears in eight short scenes, all of which are under a minute in length.

Kyle speaks a total of 115 words in the film. “If you ditched some punctuation, you could fit all of his lines into two tweets,” the outlet noted.

Nearly all of the dialogue that Kyle‘s character Mark Russell speaks is either while talking to his daughter, played by Millie Bobby Brown, or trying to figure out her whereabouts after she goes off on a mission without his knowledge.

Find out which actors filmed scenes for the movie, but were cut out of the finished movie during the editing process.

(To put things in perspective, there are more words in this short post than words that are spoken by Kyle in Godzilla vs. Kong)

Updated: April 2, 2021 — 10:51 pm

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