‘Westworld’ Star Thandiwe Newton on Reclaiming the True Spelling of Her Name: ‘I’m Taking Back What’s Mine’

Thandiwe Newton is setting the record straight.

The 48-year-old Westworld star spoke out in an interview with British Vogue.

Here’s what she had to say…

On all her future films being credited with Thandiwe Newton, after the W was carelessly missed out and spelled “Thandie” in her first credit: “That’s my name. It’s always been my name. I’m taking back what’s mine.”

Find out what else she said…

On speaking out about her experiences of abuse: “There’s a moment where the ghost of me changed, you know, and it was then, it was 16. He derailed me from myself utterly. I was traumatized. It was a kind of PTSD for sure. I was so distraught and appalled that a director had abused a young actress, and that it was happening elsewhere, minors getting abused and how f–ked up it was. I was basically waiting for someone to come along and say, ‘Well, what shall we do about this?’”

On her youngest daughter, Nico, who is already four years into her own acting career, with lead parts in Dumbo and The Third Day: “I went to every photoshoot with her. If there was an issue with the photographer, if there was any appropriate language I was on it, I didn’t give a f–k what anyone thought. When it was time for her to get an agent, I spent a month auditioning for one, even though I knew half of them.”

She also revealed why she spoke out about Tom Cruise.

For more from Thandiwe Newton, head to Vogue.co.uk.

Updated: April 4, 2021 — 7:35 pm

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