Milo Ventimiglia Accidentally Sent Jimmy Fallon’s Wife a Photo of Himself Dressed as Evel Knievel

Milo Ventimiglia sent Jimmy Fallon‘s wife Nancy a very interesting photo!

The This Is Us star explained the embarrassing moment during a virtual appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday (April 5).

During his last appearance on the show, Milo spoke to Jimmy about his upcoming role as Evel Knievel for a television series at USA, which has since been axed.

“So I love Evel Knievel and it was you, dressed up, it was a screen test for Evel Knievel and you’re like, ‘I’ll send it to you, but don’t show it,’” Jimmy said, adding that since he couldn’t remember his phone number he gave the actor his wife’s number, thinking it was his.

“We were two days away from filming. I was blonde, I was hairy-chested, I was everything. And yeah, I didn’t put anything. I just sent the photo. And then I got the ‘Who is this?’” Milo said as Jimmy laughed.

Milo also revealed that the This Is Us cast got a special visit from Mandy Moore‘s newborn son, August!

“Baby Gus was on set the other day, last week, and it was exciting,” Milo shared. “It was exciting to see her as a mom. We’ve been playing parents for so long but she’s a mom, she’s a real mom.”

Mandy recently shared a photo of herself back at work on set. Check it out!

Updated: April 6, 2021 — 2:17 pm

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