Topher Grace Once Made a Moviegoer Cry – Find Out What Happened!

Topher Grace is looking back at his 2010 movie Predators!

In a new interview with PeopleTV, the 42-year-old actor recalled the time that he made a moviegoer cry while at a local screening of his sci-fi movie.

In Predators, Topher plays a serial killer, and in one scene, he gets his foot stuck in a trap and starts to cry.

While watching the movie, one moviegoer who was sitting behind Topher wasn’t exactly thrilled with his performance.

“My character starts crying because his foot’s in a trap and you kind of have to feel for him and then it’s revealed that he’s a psycho,” Topher shared in his interview. “And so, I start crying. It was a hard day at work for me to like, get there, and also you’re playing two different characters, kind of.”

“So, I’m watching this film in the movie theater and this guy goes, ‘This guy’s crying like a little bitch!’” Topher recalled. “I turn around and I go, ‘What’s up now?’ And this guy’s mind exploded. He was like, ‘Oh my God! You’re here and you’re on the [screen].”

He added, “I think it was the most scared I’d ever seen someone in a movie theater because he, like, realized I was [the movie] serial killer and then I turned around in front of him…He started crying, it was great.”

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Updated: April 11, 2021 — 1:04 am

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