Billy Crystal Reveals If He'd Return To Host The Oscars

Billy Crystal Reveals If He'd Return To Host The Oscars

Billy Crystal has hosted the Oscars a lot.

In fact, the 73-year-old actor comes in only second to Bob Hope, and has hosted the award show nine times from 1990 to 2012.

While he’s hosted the show a lot, it doesn’t mean he’s jumping at the chance to host the show again.

Billy told Indiewire that the show’s producers haven’t reached out to him to get back up on the stage, and “that’s okay.”

Click inside to see why Billy isn’t anxious to host the Oscars again…

Billy says that the job of Oscar host is a big role to fil.

“I had nine wonderful experiences for me, some better than the others,” he shared. “But most of them were really wonderful experiences, to host a show and be funny and keep the audience awake, both at home and in the audience.”

Billy added, “It’s a tough gig, because when I first started, there were three critics — that, if you cared about critics, there were three that you paid attention to — which was Tom Shales in The Washington Post, Janet Maslin in The New York Times, and Howard Rosenberg in The LA Times. They were all top notch. Now there’s 2 billion critics, and they press ‘send’ right away. It’s a whole different scrutiny on the job, which makes a lot of people not want to do it. I wish them luck.”

However, he does have high hopes for this year’s show, which takes places this weekend.

“I hope it’s a really good show, and I hope people watch,” Billy said. “Award shows during this time, do they really mean something now? It’s been such a hard year, but the Oscars are special. And I sincerely hope that they have a great show.”

Whoopi Goldberg, who has hosted the show four times, picked Billy as the best person to host the show.

“Whoever the host is has to love the movies, because they have to keep you engaged, and the best person at that was Billy [Crystal],” she shared in her recent interview with Variety.

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Updated: April 24, 2021 — 12:13 am

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