Ryan O’Connell Gets A Cute New Relationship in Season 2 Of ‘Special’!

Ryan is clearly smitten with his new boyfriend, Tanner, in the brand new trailer for season two of Special.

Here’s the official summary for the upcoming season on Netflix: Ryan really needs to get his shit together. It’s been two months and he still hasn’t spoken to Karen since their fight and he has a gnarly case of writer’s block that’s getting him in hot water with Olivia.

Enter Tanner, a fun, flirty dance instructor who charms Ryan despite not being totally available. When his writer’s block eventually lifts, he’s inspired to write a longform piece about disability. From there, he begins a journey of self-discovery that creates unexpected complications in his relationship with Tanner.

This season is about our primary characters – Ryan, Karen and Kim – coming into their power and realizing they all deserve big gorgeous lives—whether society agrees or not, bitch!

Ryan O’Connell, Jessica Hecht, and Punam Patel all return for the show, as well as Marla Mindelle, Gina Hughes and Patrick Fabian.

Special season two will debut on Netflix on May 20.

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Updated: April 26, 2021 — 6:17 pm

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