Katharine McPhee & Eddie Cibrian Give Season 2 Update for ‘Country Comfort,’ Urge Fans to Keep Watching!

Katharine McPhee and Eddie Cibrian are giving fans an update on the status of their Netflix series Country Comfort and whether a second season will happen or not.

The co-stars did an Instagram Live Q&A on Monday (April 26) to answer their fans’ questions about the show and to encourage people to keep watching in hopes of getting that renewal.

Eddie also revealed what he does know so far about the possibility of a renewal.

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“What we do know is that they’re going to make a decision, probably in the next couple of weeks, is what they said. They wanted to give it a month and see,” Eddie said. “Truthfully though, what I loved about the show when I first read it was how heartfelt it was. How real. It’s so heartwarming and I feel like every single person who has watched it, they love it. They feel the same way. It’s a family show. Finally, they said, a family show.”

Kat chimed in, “That’s the great thing. Younger people can watch it and older people can watch it too. It’s a very broad type of show.”

Eddie continued, “We’re very excited to do a season two if we get that opportunity. But we have to give it to the people now. They have to spread the word… These next two weeks are so vitally important. I think that if they spread the word and they get other people to watch all 10 of the episodes, the more people that watch these next two weeks, I think it’s going to be an easy decision for Netflix.”

Make sure to watch the cute video that Kat shared of her newborn son watching the show!

Watch the full live Q&A below!

Updated: April 27, 2021 — 5:28 am

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