Paul Wesley Hilariously Confuses Madison Beer for a Type of Drink – Watch!

It doesn’t look like Paul Wesley is a Madison Beer fan!

During a recent Instagram Q&A, the 38-year-old The Vampire Diaries actor answered a bunch of questions from his fans.

When one fan asked “do u like madison beer,” and Paul thought the fan was referencing a type of beer.

“Never had that beer,” Paul said, not knowing that Madison is a singer. “But, uh, I like beer. I like most beer, although lately I haven’t been drinking as much beer because I’m trying to cut it out. You know?”

The Madison Beer question wasn’t the only thing that had Paul confused during his Q&A.

Another fan then asked if Paul believes in “Larry” – aka the Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson romance fans made up on social media.

“What in the God damn hell are you talking about?” Paul said after first reading the question. “I believe in Larry David. Do you guys watch Curb Your Enthusiasm? It’s my favorite show on television and I think it’s absolutely hysterical.”

If you missed it, Paul recently reunited with one of his The Vampire Diaries co-stars!

Updated: April 28, 2021 — 6:53 am

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