Julia Michaels Drops New Album, Explains How Boyfriend JP Saxe Inspired the Music

Julia Michaels just dropped her debut album Not in Chronological Order and she’s explaining how her boyfriend JP Saxe inspired the music.

The 27-year-old “Issues” singer has been dating JP, 28, ever since 2019, when they wrote the Grammy-nominated song “If the World Was Ending” together.

“We have something good,” Julia told People about her relationship with JP, who co-wrote two songs on the new album.

Julia opened up about the type of relationships she was in before her one with JP. She said, “I was very drawn to drama and toxicity and to a certain way that I thought love was supposed to be. I thought that because I am who I am, I deserved a certain type of love, and I was so wrong.”

“Then you spend every single day with someone for an entire year that is wonderful and loving and communicative and meets you halfway … I got to fall in love in a very weird situation. I’m very grateful,” she added.

“We figured if the first song we wrote together got us a Grammy nomination, we should keep writing together,” Julia said. The two songs they co-wrote for the album are “All Your Exes” and “Little Did I Know. You can listen to them both below!

Updated: May 1, 2021 — 5:02 am

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