Queen Elizabeth’s Cousin Prince Michael of Kent Has Been Accused Of Selling Access To Russia’s Vladimir Putin

Prince Michael of Kent has been accused of using his royal status to profit from and get favors from Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to a new investigative report from The Times.

The British royal, who is Queen Elizabeth‘s first cousin, reportedly told a pair of undercover investigators who were posing as investors that he’d give them a royal endorsement for a substantial fee.

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The undercover reporters had been posing as investors of a fake South Korean gold company and they had been “seeking contacts in the Kremlin to further its business in Russia”, according to the paper.

Prince Michael, 78, was allegedly captured over a Zoom call stating that he’d give them a royal endorsement for a $200,000 fee, and that he’d also use his home at Kensington Palace for the backdrop of said endorsement.

Simon Reading, who is Prince Michael‘s business partner, relayed that the royal could also be hired for 10,000 pounds (around $14,000) a day to make “confidential” representations on behalf of the fictitious gold firm, House of Haedong, to Putin.

“If he (Prince Michael) is representing the House of Haedong, he could mention that to Putin and Putin would find the right person who is interested in South Korea or interested in gold,” Reading reportedly said. “It just opens the door, you know, which is so helpful.”

Prince Michael was also described as “Her Majesty’s unofficial ambassador to Russia,” and that the tension between the two countries had not affected his own relationship with Putin.

However, Prince Michael‘s office has since responded to this report and stated that he had had “no special relationship with President Putin”, and that the two men last met in 2003.

Prince Michael “earns his own living through a consultancy company that he has run for over 40 years” and also added that “Lord Reading is a good friend, who in trying to help, made suggestions which Prince Michael would not have wanted, or been able, to fulfill.”

Prince Michael and his wife, Princess Michael of Kent, are not working royals and do not receive any public funds. However, they are involved in a few public duties and have represented the Queen at some engagements.

If you didn’t know, this Hollywood actress is Prince Michael‘s daughter-in-law.

Updated: May 10, 2021 — 5:49 pm

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