An Iconic Song & Dance From ‘High School Musical 2′ Was Recreated on ‘HSM: The Series’!

Major High School Musical fans got a big treat in the season two premiere of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series on Disney+.

In the premiere, Joshua Bassett got to recreate the iconic “Bet On It” from High School Musical 2, as his character, Ricky, prepares for auditions for the next school musical.

Originally performed by Zac Efron in the second film of the franchise, Joshua opened up in a new interview and spoke about exactly how he prepared to take on the much meme-d musical number.

Click inside to see what Joshua Bassett shared about re-creating “Bet On It”…

“I sang that live so I was running on the treadmill for like two weeks before, almost every day,” Joshua shared with Entertainment Weekly about how he prepared for the number. “I tried to sing it three to five times on the treadmill so that I would have the stamina.”

The scene in the Disney+ series shows Ricky going through all the exact moves that Zac once performed, but this time it was in a basement, not on a golf course.

To prepare more for the moment, Joshua worked with choreographer Zach Woodlee to nail the dance.

“I was so excited when I heard we were doing this. That’s the dream,” he says. “It was fun working with Zach on recreating the dance but obviously in a totally different space and having to navigate what that would look like in your basement. It was super fun, we were just having a good time messing around. I think we did 30 takes of it so I was pretty exhausted by the end.”

He added about the pressure to perform the dance, saying that he “kept seeing on Twitter somebody being like, ‘Josh better sing ‘Bet on It’ in season 2,’ and I remember being like, can you imagine?’ When I found out it was happening, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, pinch me.’”

Joshua did admit he was really nervous about it at first, but “once I realized that I’m not supposed to be doing it justice and it’s really just Ricky trying his best — I’m not trying to live up to Zac Efron’s performance or Troy — then I was like, we can just have fun with this one. But it was definitely a little intimidating at first.”

Want to watch the scene? Head to Disney+ now to stream it! In the meantime, enjoy Joshua‘s version of the song below:

Updated: May 15, 2021 — 9:41 am

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