Ricky Schroder Harasses Costco Employee Over Wearing a Mask & Goes Viral

Ricky Schroder is under fire for his behavior.

The 51-year-old Silver Spoons former child star filmed an aggressive moment between himself and a Costco manager at a warehouse in Los Angeles, which is now going viral.

In the video, Ricky is captured asking why he’s not allowed inside without a face covering despite the CDC’s new regulations about fully vaccinated people.

The manager explains that there is still a state-wide mask mandate, and so for now, Costco is still following those guidelines.

Ricky then goes on a full rant involving kings and lords and societal control, but the manager does not budge, ultimately getting the actor to leave the premises.

The exchange also went viral on Twitter, with his name becoming a Trending Topic as people largely criticized his behavior.

You can watch footage of the encounter at TMZ.

Updated: May 16, 2021 — 7:14 pm

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