Kristen Bell Is Revealing What Helped Her Manage Her Depression

Kristen Bell is opening up about how she manages her depression in a new podcast interview.

The 40-year-old actress chatted on Sean Hayes and Dr. Priyanka Wali‘s new podcast, Hypochondriactor about what ultimately helped her and it was psychedelic drugs.

Click inside to see why Kristen Bell decided on taking the drugs to help her…

Kristen revealed on the show that she’d attempted many other treatments to manage her depression, but it was only after reading Michael Pollan‘s book, “How to Change Your Mind”, that she tried something different.

“He really goes into detail about this underground academic community that has continued to study the effects of LSD and psilocybin on what they call ‘healthy normal,’” Kristen says. “There are aspects to those two particular drugs that the places you can go in your brain are much deeper and more healing than anything else.”

Going forward, Kristen said that she was “really interested in doing mushrooms.”

“I really wanted to try some psilocybin [the technical term for hallucinogenic mushrooms] and feel what kind of doors open, have a trip that was my own,” she added, before pointing out that since she was “married to an ex-drug addict…[he] not only did he know where to get the mushrooms … he got that really nice, quality, organic, set and setting, beautiful mushroom. And then he … babysat me.”

Kristen continued, opening up about the experience with Dax Shepardby her side.

“I said, ‘I really would like to experience this. And I don’t want to, I’m not going to party with it, but I want to know what this feels like. And I want to talk while I’m doing it, and I want you to talk to me.’ And he took me on a walk around the neighborhood and it was so lovely.”

After trying the mushrooms, Kristen does admit that she’s in a better place with her depression and anxiety now, but that still “comes in waves.”

“But my waves are never suicidal or anything,” she explained. “So I’m very lucky because that does happen to people.”

Just recently, Kristen has been spotted hanging out with one of her co-stars.

Updated: May 19, 2021 — 5:11 am

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