Emily Blunt Reacts to Being Asked to Play Invisible Woman in ‘Fantastic Four’

Emily Blunt is once again shutting down casting hopes and dreams.

The 38-year-old A Quiet Place actress responded to a question of whether she would join the Marvel Cinematic Universe during a recent interview with Cinepop.

If you didn’t know, some fans are campaigning hard for her and husband John Krasinski to get cast as Reed Richards and Sue Storm – otherwise known as Mr Fantastic and Invisible Woman – in the forthcoming Fantastic Four reboot.

And while John has expressed interest in joining the MCU (and was even in talks at one point), Emily is making it clear that her feelings are not the same.

Find out what she said…

When asked if she would join the MCU because fans would love it, she said: “Really? This is a superhero…Mary Poppins is a superhero. I’ve done it.”

She was also asked if there would be any superhero she’d be interested in playing: “Don’t know. I’m not well versed enough on it….I don’t know enough about it,” she said, further shutting it down.

There’s also big news about another Emily Blunt movie coming!

Updated: May 20, 2021 — 7:50 pm

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